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Doctor and Patient

Medication Management

Kingston, NY

Managing Your Prescription Needs

Medication is not always necessary to help those who are working through cognitive and behavioral health challenges. However some diagnoses, medication is not only appropriate and beneficial - it’s essential in order for patients to achieve their therapy goals. There are three major stages of medication management the initial consultation, ongoing assessment and effectiveness, and medication management. At Mosaic Clinical Services, we can work with you and your physician or connect you with one of our experienced prescribers to create a medication plan that will meet your needs.

Assessment & Initial Consultation

The first step in managing your prescription medication needs is to schedule an initial consultation and assessment visit with a psychiatric prescriber. We can discuss your current situation and counseling goals to try to determine whether or not prescription medications should be a part of your therapy plan. During the initial consultation and assessment, your psychiatric prescriber will discuss a number of important variables, including:

  • Past experience - any medications you’ve been prescribed for mental or behavior health concerns and the level of improvement or adverse results.

  • Current medications - any prescription or over the counter medications you’re currently taking, whether or not they’re for cognitive or behavioral health, may influence the results of additional prescriptions.

  • Health historical and present - we’ll want to review your medical health history and that of your immediate family. This will include any past or current mental or behavioral diagnoses as well as whole-body health and wellness.

Ongoing Assessment & Effectiveness

Once we decide to move forward with a prescription to help you achieve your therapy goals, we have only just started the process. It can take months - or even years - to find the right medication(s) and dosage for you. During regular therapy sessions, you should feel free to talk about any concerns you have with your medication. We will also want to set aside a little extra time for a medication consultation at least once a month. This gives you some time to adjust to any changes, so we have good information to determine whether or not the current medicine or dosage is working.

Medication Management

When we find the right medication plan, we’ll still want to monitor and reassess your prescriptions periodically. It’s important that you continue to take your medications as prescribed even when you “feel better.” If you want to try going off of medication, make sure to discuss this process with your therapist first. Many prescription medications can have serious withdrawal side effects, so it’s important to work with a professional during this process.

Get to Know our Prescribers

Check out our "Meet the Team" section to learn more about our psychiatric prescribers. 

How do I Get Started with Mosaic Clinical Services?

If you’re ready to schedule a session or you want to learn more, you can call or email our team. One of us will be happy to speak with you about available counseling services and help you determine what your next steps should be.

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